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The Girly Girlz Pampered Palace

Princess Palace

Party Packages and Gifts

Party Packages and Gifts

Afternoon Tea w/Ariel


ADVANCE PURCHASE ONLY. No ticket sales at the door.  ticket are per person. 

For children’s teas be sure to identify how many adults and children will be attending. ALL children must be accompanied by an adult. ALL attendees, children and adults, must register (and pay) for the event. Due to limited space, we do not allow non-paying observers, family members, or other non participants in the dining room during the event.


Please notify us of any food allergies 48 hours prior to the event. We will not be able to accommodate any dietary changes the day of the event. If you wish to be seated as a group, please either book all together or when you pay enter the party you wish to sit with in the Order Comment section.


There are no ‘tickets’. Your receipt is your ticket.


Tax will be added. Events are subject to change without notice.

ALL guests over the age of 12 MONTHS MUST have a ticket, including parents. This ensures there's no overcrowding.

Event tickets are transferable but are NEVER refundable. The Pampered Palace reserves the right to cancel any of our event dates or events due to low ticket sales, inclement weather or other circumstances that would cause our events to be unfeasible.

EVENT POLICIES: The Girly Girlz Pampered Palace and The Princess Palace are responsible for line organization and control. We The Girly Girlz Pampered Palace and The Princess Palace reserves the right to promote its business by handing out business cards to potential clients. The Girly Girlz Pampered Palace and The Princess Palace also reserves the right to post pictures from all promotional events and to publicize the event (if open to the public) on its website and/or social media sites. Booking a seat you agree to the term and conditions.

All sales are Final!!!!

any food allergies

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